South Carolina First Steps Board of Trustees  

October 21, 2016 – 1 p.m.

The Inn at USC (1619 Pendleton Street)

A g e n d a


1. Call to Order/Quorum Call

2. Welcome/Introductions

3. Approval of Minutes of August 18, 2016

4. Consent Agenda:

Ratification of Early Head Start Governance Council Actions:

a. Policy Manual Updates

5. Chairman’s Report – Ken Wingate

6. Committee Reports:

6a. Legislative Committee – Senator Mike Fair, Chair

6b. Finance and Administration – Judith Aughtry, Chair


Financial Update

Executive Budget Request


FY16 Audited Financial Statement   –   David Phillips, Greene, Finney & Horton, LLC. 

FY16 Management Letter

6c. Program and Grants – Jennifer McConnell, Chair


Evidence-Based and Evidence-Informed Programs Supporting School Readiness: An Initial Guide for South Carolina First Steps to School Readiness   –   Dr. Cheri Shapiro, Director, South Carolina Center of Excellence in Evidence-Based Intervention

6d. Strategic Planning and Evaluation – Alexia Newman, Chair


Vision 2020 Status Report

6e. Early Head Start Governance Council – Roger Pryor, Chair


Board Training: Federal Monitoring – Julia-Ellen Davis

2015-2016 Program Information Report

6f. Executive Committee – Ken Wingate, Chair

Proposed 2017 Meeting Dates

7. Interim Director’s Report – Julia-Ellen Davis

8. Executive Session (The Board will enter Executive Session to discuss a personnel matter.)

9. Closing Remarks – Ken Wingate