State law defines school readiness as “the level of child development necessary to ensure early school success as measured in the following domains: physical health and motor skills; emotional and social competence; language and literacy development; and mathematical thinking and cognitive skills.  School readiness is supported by the knowledge and practices of families, caregivers, healthcare providers, educators, and communities.” – SC 59-152-25′

The SC First Steps Board of Trustees is currently  at work  on a detailed description of readiness in collaboration with the State Board of Education, which will be posted here in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, parents can review the state’s existing academic and developmental expectations – by age – within the documents below.


South Carolina’s Voluntary Preschool Standards


South Carolina’s K-12 Education Standards

(Note that the state’s five-year-old kindergarten standards detail year-end expectations, not the skills your child is expected to have mastered prior to enrollment)