Parents as Teachers Program Outperforms National Averages

Parents as Teachers Program Outperforms National Averages

South Carolina Parents as Teachers Program Outperforms National Averages

Parents as Teachers is a national, evidence-based home visitation model designed to ensure young children are healthy, safe, and ready to learn.  Services are delivered by model-certified parent educators who emphasize parent-child interaction, development-centered parenting and family well-being. First Steps has served as the lead agency for Parents as Teachers (PAT) in South Carolina since 2011.

According to new 2014-2015 Affiliate Performance Report (APR) data, South Carolina PAT served 1,986 children and 1,701 families and is currently the state’s largest home visiting model, conducting over 27,000 personal home visits last year alone.  As the model’s state leader, First Steps provides technical assistance, training and support to each of the state’s 43 affiliate programs at no cost to schools or communities.

The new APR data shows that South Carolina PAT affiliates significantly outperformed the national averages in almost every category of the PAT National Essential Requirements. In addition, SC First Steps’ funded PAT affiliates maintain more rigorous standards and additional outcome measures than the national model, for example, requiring higher levels of staff qualifications and training for their parent educators. The APR data also shows that the SC PAT affiliates impacted children and families in diverse types of communities across the state, with 40% of families served from rural communities.

South Carolina has been lauded by the national PAT organization as a model for affiliates across the nation. According to Parents as Teachers’ CEO, Scott Hippert:

“South Carolina is a great example of how home visitation can be done right to help families and children.”



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