Healthy Start

First Steps recognizes the importance of a healthy start in maximizing both school readiness and the long-term well being of the state’s children. The initiative partners with families, the medical community and other stakeholders to leverage resources for – and increase awareness of – the healthcare, nutrition and early developmental needs of the state’s young children. Through healthy start programs, First Steps seeks to:

  • Improve the health, growth, and development of young children so they enter school physically and mentally prepared to succeed;
  • Integrate medical provider, school readiness and early literacy services
  • Leverage federal resources for targeted families with young children at greatest risk for school failure, expanding medical anticipatory guidance to parents with special needs and other at-risk children.

First Steps is the state’s sponsor agency for Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), an evidence-based home visitation program connecting first-time, low-income mothers with registered nurses beginning in pregnancy. To learn more about NFP in South Carolina, click here.

For more information on the offerings of First Steps in your community, click here.