Governance Resources

Guiding Principles & Best Practices for South Carolina Nonprofits, 4th Edition (2017)
published by TogetherSC (formerly SCANPO)

Ten Minute Tips – Strengthening Your Organization’s Integrity Using Effective Conflict of Interest Practices

Ten Minute Tips – Creating High Performance Boards Using The Board Matrix Worksheet

General Policies

Bylaws Template

Bylaws Amendment Procedure

Board Composition Guidance

Conflict of Interest Policy

Confidentiality Policy and Confidentiality Agreement Form

Document Retention Policy

Whistleblower Ethics

Legal Compliance

TogetherSC (formerly SCANPO) Legal Compliance Checklist

TogetherSC (formerly SCANPO) Information Brief –  Can We Lobby?

Insurance – Types to Consider

Raffles in SC – Frequently Asked Questions

Sec of State Exemption Letter 2018

Board Committees: Sample Charters


Governance and Nominating

Finance and Audit



Board Member Recruitment and Elections

Guidance for Board Elections

Board Member Nominations Form

Request for County Partnership Legislative Appointment

SC First Steps Board Matrix Worksheet

Final Board Election Materials Packet – Jan. 2016

Board Member Orientation

Board Member Role Descriptions (officers)


Vice Chair



10 Basic Board Responsibilities

Board Orientation Manual Checklist

Sample Board Member Agreement

SC First Steps Orientation – Power Points

Board Meeting Resources

Attendance Roster Template and Sample

Providing Public Notification of Board Meetings and Elections

Sample Media Advisories

Executive Session SC Code of Laws

Roberts Rules Cheat Sheet