We invite you to comment on the FY17 DRAFT First Steps Standards for Public Comment. The standards outline the expectations of local SC First Steps Partnerships with regard to all programmatic, operational, financial, and administrative activities of the partnerships.

Click HERE for the FY17 DRAFT First Steps Standards for Public Comment  

The public comment period provides an opportunity for interested parties to provide input and critical suggestions on the draft standards.

Changes (noted  via “Track Changes”) to the Partnership Standards section are not new requirements.  We have incorporated  partnership responsibilities and requirements located in other documents, including First Steps legislation (Act 287), partnership by-laws, and the partnership’s annual  grant agreement with SC First Steps.  For example, the Collaboration and Community Engagement Standards now include the new core functions added to our law.

Please note the following sections have been added to the FY17 draft standards:

  • Community Education (802) Program Accountability Standards
  • General Program Accountability Standards  – created to reflect those requirements that apply to all SC First Steps programs


The deadline for submitting comments on this draft is February 15, via email to droberts@scfirststeps.org. We will review all comments received and consider them for incorporation in the final document.


Instructions for Providing Comments :

  • If you are providing comments on behalf of an organization, include the organization’s name and your contact information.
  • If you are commenting as an individual, submit identifying or contact information.
  • Please indicate which standard(s) you are commenting on.
  • You may submit general comments on the entire set of standards or you may provide comments specific to individual standards.

Click HERE for the FY17 DRAFT First Steps Standards for Public Comment