Administrative and Fiscal Staff

Georgia Mjartan, Executive Director     803-734-0391

Dan Wuori, Deputy Director     803-734-0100

Mark Barnes, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Finance Officer      803-734-8079

Samantha Ingram, Administrative and Human Resources Coordinator     803-734-1020

Nontombe Brown, Procurement Specialist     803-734-0031

Russell Brown, Finance and Audit Director     803-734-3105

Tekethia Burrell, Office Manager     803-734-2000

Annie Cherry, Local Partnership Fiscal Manager  803-734-8146

Porsche McCloud, Procurement Specialist     803-734-1147

Beverly Mills, Local Partnership Fiscal Manager     803-734-0413

Local Partnership Technical Assistance Staff

Debbie Robertson, Chief Partnership Officer     803-734-2362

Kim Archung, Local Partnership Technical Assistant    843-729-1845

Cassie Barber, Local Partnership Technical Assistant  803-734-4165

Betty Gardiner, Director of Accountability and Resource Development     803-734-0219

Carletta Isreal, Local Partnership Technical Assistant  803-995-0980

Janice Kilburn, Local Partnership Technical Assistant    803-730-3084

Mary Anne Mathews, Director of Parenting Programs     803-734-0397

Kate Roach, Local Partnership Technical Assistant     803-734-2332

Early Head Start – Child Care Partnership Staff

Dan Wuori, Acting Director     803-734-0100

Tihesa Brown, EHS Procurement Specialist    803-734-0036

Bridgett Shealey, EHS Administrative Coordinator    803-734-8096

Angie Ebert, EHS Health and Disabilities Assistant    803-734-0752

Althea Benson, Education Coordinator    803-734-8492

Sherell Cue, Family Advocate – Berkeley 803-960-1227

Catherine Dowdy, Health and Disabilities Manager    803-734-8329

Laura Driskell, Family Advocate – York     803-622-4192

Karen Jenkins, Family Advocate – Allendale     803-728-7928

Catherine McCrea, Family Advocate – Georgetown    803-542-2647

Martina Mitchell, Health Coordinator    803-734-2267

Maydeliz Ortiz, Family Advocate – Saluda    803-542-2127

Latoya Palmer-Graves, Family Advocate – Georgetown    803-542-2557

Nikkia Rogers-Moseley, Family Services/PAT Coordinator     803-734-1683

Tenille Salliewhite, PFCE/PAT Regional Coordinator (Upstate)     864-938-2161

Teiarose Sanders, ERSEA Specialist   803-542-2070

Monica Stukes, Teacher Mentor     803-521-0492

Ayesha Smith, PFCE/PAT Regional Coordinator (Low Country)     803-9083703

Serena Salmans, Family Advocate – Laurens     803-542-0907

Brianna Sheppard, Family Advocate – Bamberg     803-917-1824

Tanvi Solanki, Education Coordinator – Berkeley     803-422-1211

Lavinia Tejada, Fiscal Manager     803-734-2716

Zee Walker, Family Advocate – Dillon    803-920-0931

Adrienne Waymer, Teacher Mentor   803-521-1854

Jolonda Wilson, Family Advocate – Orangeburg   803-542-3134

Clarissa Zimmerman, Quality Assurance Coordinator   803-760-0693

4-Year-Old Kindergarten Staff

Martha Strickland, 4K State Director     803-734-0247

Lisa Huff, 4K Administrative Coordinator    803-734-0410

Ginger Ryall, Administrative Coordinator    803-734-0369

Sonya Langehorne, 4K Administrative Assistant    803-734-6312

Anna Henrickson, 4K Regional Coordinator    803-734-6312

Carla Brown, 4K Regional Coordinator    803-917-1910

Sharon Bruton, 4K Regional Coordinator     803-528-7867

Lorie Caldwell, 4K Regional Coordinator     803-730-4685

Deborah DePaoli, 4K Regional Coordinator     803-521-0047

Meade Fogle, 4K Regional Coordinator    803-622-1291

Cindy Galloway, 4K Regional Coordinator     803-730-3758

Kristine Jenkins, Lead 4K Regional Coordinator     803-351-6774

Cassandra Legette, Lead 4K Regional Coordinator     803-528-5257

Shayla Pettigrew, 4K Regional Coordinator     803-995-2352

Joy Mazur, 4K Regional Coordinator     803-331-2775