South Carolina First Steps Board of Trustees  

March 17, 2016 — 2 p.m.

First Baptist Church (1306 Hampton Street)

A g e n d a



1. Call to Order/Quorum Call

2. Welcome/Introductions

3. Approval of Minutes of January 27, 2016

4. Approval of Consent Agenda Action Items:

a.     Approve Draft IRS Form 990 (Finance and Administration Committee)

b.     Approve Draft FY17 Partnership Allocations for FY17 (Finance and Administration Committee)

c.     Approve FY17 Local First Steps Team Recommendation (Finance and Administration Committee)

d.     Approve Partnership Administrative Waiver Requests (Finance and Administration Committee)

e.     Approve Greenville Grant Amendment (Finance and Administration Committee)

f.     Approve FY17 Partnership Accountability Standards (Program and Grants Committee)

5. Chairman’s Report – Ken Wingate

6. Committee Reports:

A.     Legislative Committee – Senator Mike Fair, Chair

B.     Finance and Administration – Judith Aughtry, Chair


i. Public Awareness Campaign [I Can] Expenditures

ii. Financial Update

iii. Budget Update

C. Program and Grants – Jennifer McConnell, Chair


i. New Partnership Strategies

ii. Update on County Partnership FY16 Conditional Approvals

D. Strategic Planning and Evaluation – Alexia Newman, Chair

Facilitated Discussion of Vision 2020 Action Steps – Karen Ponder and Alexia Newman (30 minutes)

E. Early Head Start Governance Council – Roger Pryor, Chair

Head Start Governance Training – Linda Dunphy, Foundations for Families (30 minutes)

F. Executive Committee – Ken Wingate, Chair

Committee Structure Proposal for Discussion

7.     Interim Director’s Report Julia-Ellen Davis

8.      Closing RemarksKen Wingate