January 27, 2016, 1pm

Brookland Baptist Conference Center

1066 Sunset Blvd., West Columbia, SC 

A g e n d a


To download the January 27 board packet in its entirety, click here.


     1. Call to Order/Quorum Call
     2. Welcome/Introductions
     3. Approval of Minutes of December 3, 2015 Annual Meeting
     4. Chairman’s Report – Ken Wingate
          a. New Trustee – Kathryn Burkhalter (Finance and Administration Committee)
          b. New Committee Chairs – Jennifer McConnell (Program and Grants) and Alexia Newman (Strategic Planning and Evaluation)
Committee Reports:
     5. Legislative Committee – Senator Mike Fair, Chair
          a. First Steps Reauthorization (Information Only)
     6. Finance and Administration – Judith Aughtry, Chair
          a. Charleston County First Steps Waiver Request (ACTION)  
          b. Finance Report (Information Only)
          c. Update on State Budget Request (Information Only)
      7. Program and Grants – Jennifer McConnell, Chair
          a. New partnership strategies (ACTION)
          b. County Partnership FY16 Conditional Approvals (Information Only)
          c. Update on FY17 Accountability Standards (Information Only)
     8. Strategic Planning and EvaluationAlexia Newman, Chair
          a. Strategic Planning Next Steps (Information Only)
     9. Executive Committee Report – Ken Wingate, Chair
          a. Committee Update


     10. Interim Director’s Report – Julia-Ellen Davis
          a. BabyNet Report to General Assembly
          b. EOC 4K Evaluation
          c. Early Head Start Update
          d. [I CAN] Update


     11. Old Business:
          a. Early Head Start Governance Council (ACTION)
                a1. Updated Governance Council Charter Language
                a2. Draft Council Slate
          b. Discussion of Early Childhood Common Agenda and whether or not SCFS Board wants to endorse
     12. Closing Remarks – Ken Wingate
Next Meeting: 2 pm, March 17, 2015