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 2017 Countdown to Kindergarten Home Visitor Trainings Announced!

To register for a Countdown to Kindergarten teacher training, click HERE.

Important items to note:

  • Learn about Key Issues–families of poverty, home visitation best practices, children’s social-emotional development– at all sites but Lexington, which will discuss toxic stress on the unborn
  • All sites offer training in “The Basics” of Countdown to Kindergarten
  • Earn 4 hours DSS/CCCCD or State Dept. of Ed. renewal credits (confirmed for all trainings except Lexington)
  • See information on your ticket for special instructions regarding training materials and other information related to your particular training site
  • A light meal will be served. Registration is required for accurate meal count

Registration closes 4 days prior to the training.

Questions? Contact Janice Kilburn at jkilburn@scfirststeps.org or 803-730-3084