Anyone can make a referral to BabyNet.

You have serveral options for submitting a referral:

First, complete Form #BN023 BabyNet Referral Form (listed below).

Form #BN023 BabyNet Referral Form
Referral Form Instructions


1. Contact a local BabyNet office and fax in your referral form. Contact Information for BabyNet Offices in S.C.


2. Call 1-877-621-0865 and reach someone in the State BabyNet office who will help get your referral to the right place.


3. Send an email to for assistance.

Should there come a time when a formal complaint needs to submitted, you can do so by completing and submitting a BabyNet Complaint Form (listed below) or by contacting:

Lenora Burke
State Office Consultant, BabyNet
(803) 360-3878

Form #BN024 BabyNet Complaint Form
Complaint Form Instructions