Pursuant to Executive Order 2016-20, the lead agency designation for South Carolina’s Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part C program, known in South Carolina as “BabyNet,” will be transferred from South Carolina First Steps to School Readiness to the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, effective July 1, 2017.  

Executive Order 2016-20


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What Is BabyNet?


Young children learn and develop differently. One baby may walk earlier than another, while another baby might talk first. Often, these differences will even out. But, some children will need extra help. BabyNet will evaluate the child at no cost to determine if they may be eligible for services.

BabyNet is South Carolina’s interagency early intervention system for infants and toddlers under three years of age with developmental delays, or who have conditions associated with developmental delays.

BabyNet matches the special needs of infants and toddlers who have developmental delays with the professional resources available within the community. Services are provided in everyday routines, activities and places relevant to the life of the family. BabyNet is funded and regulated through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and will be managed – effective July 1, 2017 – by the SC Department of Health and Human Services.

Anyone (a parent, doctor, caregiver, teacher or friend) can make a referral by the number listed below. Look for signs that an infant or toddler might need extra help. If you suspect a child may have a problem, the earlier you get help, the better!

WHAT IF THE CHILD IS MORE THAN THREE YEARS OLD? If the child is between the ages of 3 and 21, please contact the local school district in which the child lives.

To make a referral or to get more information call 1-877-621-0865 or send an email to babynet@scfirststeps.org for assistance.


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